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We Provide Opportunities, Insight and Access

to all levels of the Sport of Freestyle Trampoline

The Freestyle Trampoline Association is the not only an extreme acrobatic association, it also targets all levels of the sport from the traditional trampoline competitors to the beginner bouncing in their backyard. We aim to reach out and interact with thousands of acrobatic enthusiasts on a daily basis. We know where they spend their time and what engages them.  As part of the trampoline and acrobatic community, we have direct access to hundreds of trampoline parks, action sports facilities and gymnastics centers.   

With international reach and years of experience developing programs that engage at the local and international level, we help put our corporate partners front and center with our committed community of athletes, as well as our extensive networks.

A Few of our Brand Partners

​Trampoline Therapy for People with Special Needs

Rebound Therapy

Rebound Therapy training courses for gymnastic and trampoline clubs in the USA and Canada now available!!

Rebound Therapy is the phrase that describes the specific 'Eddy Anderson model' of trampoline therapy:- exercise therapy which uses trampolines to provide opportunities for movement, therapeutic exercise and recreation for people across the whole spectrum of special needs.  We have partnered with to bring you the genuine accredited and approved staff training courses with founder Eddy Anderson. By clicking on the button below, you will be re-directed to their sign-up page so you can register for one of their courses and receive a 15% DISCOUNT right here! 

Baendit Eyewear

BÆNDIT Eyewear is a brand of sunglasses perfect for the flipping community. They are composed of two frames and lens modules, one nose bridge and two temples that magnetically bond together thanks to a special 4 and 8 pin hand welded alloy attachment, coated with a silicon layer that assures ultra tight and strong fit of the temples,  allowing for maximum strength and flexibility, with the best lens in the market, for athletes who like to flip and have their glasses stay on! Endorsed by the #GRTCrew.  You can now purchase yours here and receive a 15% DISCOUNT when you check out using the passcode ~ GRT.


Getta-Gripp was created to enhance the level of your play! Being athletes who competed at the collegiate level, we understand all the hours of work that go into trying to become the best. So many early mornings and time sacrificed to try and gain that competitive edge because you know it is the small things that make the big difference come game day. Let Getta-Gripp help you gain that competitive advantage today!

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If you are looking to be involved with this new movement in acrobatic sports by becoming one of our brand partners or hosting your own Event managed by our team of experienced leaders in the acrobatic industry, then we have the chance to make a great team. 
By offering your resources to this project we know your event will be a huge success !
Please contact us for more information,
pricing and available dates.
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